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    Hello. I'm Dominic, a singer and group singing advocate. Since 2009 I've been encouraging people to sing together in village halls, offices, prisons, schools and building new communities through this life changing activity. I believe it is possible for us all to explore our innate musicality and expressivity using our voice.

    A focus of mine is getting men into singing communities; a male choir can be an alternative space for men to gather outside the usual meeting places on offer. To hear more about my thoughts on these topics watch & listen to TV/radio interviews and articles below that have followed my work. For a longer biography click here.

  • Lockdown projects

    Ben & Dom

    'The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood'

    ‘The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood’ is a beautiful poem by Richard Fariña which he later set to the tune of an Irish air. We discovered the song through the amazing Sandy Denny recording, and knew we had to sing it ourselves.

    Ben & Dom

    A song by Richard Fariña, which feels curiously fitting for our days of pandemic.

    Chaps Choir 'virtual choir'

    The Chaps on lockdown bring you their version of Ron Sexsmith's song of hope and encouragement 'Gold In Them Hills'. Brought to you from the living rooms, hallways, kitchens & garden disco sheds of the chaps themselves. With this video we're raising money for 100 Black Men of London, they work to transform young people's lives through mentoring and education Website: http://100bml.org Donate here: ---- http://100bml.org/support-us/ 

    Bellow Fellows 'virtual choir'

    Many BFs have been solo isolating during lockdown, so here we present our contribution to the virtual choir genre with a rendition of the King/Goffin song 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow?' featuring some of our lockdown companions and objects of affection that have helped us through. With this video we're raising money for CALM; if you enjoyed even just a second please consider handing over some ££ to this important mental health charity: http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising...

  • The Wilderness Choir 2018

    Singing Nothing Compares 2 U

    Accompanied by The Wilderness Orchestra conducted by Ewan Campbell. Vocal arrangement based on Choir! Choir! Choir! version.

  • Sing

    Where to sing | My choirs & projects & more

    Bellow Fellows

    Male Voice Community Choir

    New members welcome! Bellow Fellows is a friendly welcoming group made up of men from all walks of life. No auditions & everything is taught by ear. We sing a wide variety of music and perform in and around the capital. Tuesday nights | Angel, N1 London.

    Chaps Choir

    Singing Men from London

    Chaps Choir is a large male singing gang; say goodbye to the male voice choir most would recognise. Auditioned alt-male voice choir turning the male choir presentation on its head. For information about joining visit this link

    Harmony Live

    Community singing workshops

    Welcoming, uplifting and accessible day-long workshops open to absolutely everyone - located in London, Brighton & Bristol co-led by four experienced community singing facilitators. Keep an eye on harmonylive.co.uk for new dates or sign up to the mailing list

  • Videos

    Chaps Choir (live) - 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'

    Chaps Choir (very) mini docu

    Chaps Choir - 'The Book of Love'

    Chaps Choir - promo reel

    Harmony Live: Workshop for all

    Chaps Choir & Samantha Whates - 'Anyone Who Knows What Love Is'

  • Arrangements for male & mixed voice choirs

    In July 2020 I joined the team of arrangers and composers at Choir Community. CC is a growing resource with a mixture of licensed arrangements, original works and traditional songs ideal for community choirs. You can see my current catalogue here and there'll be more added in time, including new arrangements for mixed voices as lower voices. 

  • About Me

    Dominic is a singer, choir director, arranger and group singing advocate. Since 2009 he has worked in community centres, schools, offices & prisons encouraging a wide variety of people to use their voice for expression. After founding Chaps Choir in 2013 he has become a unofficial spokesperson and advocate for men’s community singing.

    Dominic has delivered workshops and collaborated with The Wigmore Hall, Southbank Centre, Spitalfield's Music, The Orpheus Centre, The Good Life Experience, Wilderness Festival, The Choir With No Name and other events & organisations in London and the UK. Artistic & educational collaborations have included artists as diverse as Shlomo, Huutajat (Finnish Shouting Men's Choir), Omar, Voices Now, Samantha Whates, Joe Stilgoe & Hattie Webb.

    In 2013 he founded Chaps Choir in an attempt to get more men singing and to challenge the traditional male choir presentation. Chaps Choir has toured the UK, sung on prime time TV and collaborated with recording artists, filmographers & raised money for mental health charities. The choir's live shows, diverse repertoire, recordings and videos have been recognised around the world in offering an alternative example of the male choir presentation and encouraging men to use their voice for positive expression.

    In 2015 he founded Bellow Fellows, London's first non-auditioned male community choir and in the same year began working with Beating Time, delivery singing in prisons.

    An experienced ensemble singer, Dominic has toured the Europe & the US with The Spooky Men's Chorale and groove & jazz ensemble The London Vocal Project, collaborating with icons of the jazz and folk world. In 2019 he began a duo collaboration with vocal artist Ben See; ‘Ben & Dom’ have released live recordings and videos highlighting the rare sound of two unaccompanied male voices together.
    He studied music at Southampton University and has undertaken training with the Associated Board of Choral Conductors and Spitalfield's Apprentice Scheme.

    Radio/TV interviews and articles about my work 

    ITV News

    Men singing & Chaps Choir

    2016 | 4 min

    BBC Radio Suffolk

    Getting everyone - especially men - singing + Chaps Choir promo

    2018 | 8 min

    BBC Radio Humberside

    How to get everyone - especially men - singing / Spooky Men

    2017 | 10 min

    The Independent

    '...It's also the best way to meet new people. But what if you hate group activities? Simmy Richman joined the Chaps Choir for two rehearsals, and one potentially life-changing performance'

    The Sunday Telegraph

    'What happened to the snarling cynical Julia Llewellyn of old? Answer: She joined a choir'


    Indscene mention - Wilderness 2016 review
    '...Chaps Choir, an all-male 50 piece choir of hotties & 'lumbersexuals' performed chart-bothering crowd-favourites that raised the hairs on the back of everyones necks.'

    Drowned In Sound mention - Citadel 2016 review
    'Our day starts with the bandstand and Chaps Choir, a horde of...singing men from Islington that produce a winning, lifting sound that drifts bucolically through the trees...their set a brief but sweaty whirl of headdress and rhythm'

    CHART - notes to consider - 'When The Men Sing, The Silence Ends' by Alexander Mayor; photos by Matt Veal
    'Away from the football pitch or the pub at closing time, men aren’t big singers. Somehow, from school age onwards, singing, that free musical instrument most of us carry around all day, gets knocked out of men. Social pressure, emotional restraint, whatever it is, it stops men from singing in public or joining choirs. In 2013, one singing tutor in North London decided to see if this sad social state of affairs could be overturned and Chaps Choir was born. Writer and musician Alexander Mayor reflects on the surprises of joining a choir, and the strange journey men go on once they decide to sing.'
    Contact me for access to full piece.

    POSITIVE NEWS - 'Rewriting The Man Code' by Lucy Purdy
    “Singing in a choir is powerful because, unlike in sport, you don’t have to win to succeed,” says the choir’s founder Dominic Stichbury. “To succeed, you have to become part of the group.”

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